Passant is the new word of mouth, an app designed to log your favorite places and help you find new ones. Trade recommendations on where to go with the ones you trust most--your friends.

How it works

Your places:

  • Passant creates a continuously updated private log of the cafes, restaurants, museums, and other spots you visit at home and around the world.
  • Star your favorite places to make them public recommendations

Your recomendation list:

  • Create location-based lists that your friends and followers can explore.
  • Easily share your location lists whenever friends ask for recommendations.

Discover new spots:

  • Use the map, your friends’ lists, and the search bar to discover new places to try, all recommended by people whose taste you know and trust.

A Note on Location Access

  • Passant uses location services to automatically collect the places you visit.
  • Visits are always private unless you choose to share them.
  • Set your app to “always allow” Location Access so Passant can do the work for you (and don’t worry, it won’t drain your battery).
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